I am a Hamburg-based advertisement specialist, who moved to Germany in 2016. I am a Hungarian, born in the beautiful Transylvania, situated in the heart of the Carpathian basin.  After graduating music academy I worked for several years in numerous orchestras as a professional classical violinist. Through music, I had the chance to travel a lot and gain a direct insight in different cultures and life styles. Beside music and travelling one of my dearest hobbies are cooking and baking, so be prepared to see lots of delicious food in my blog.

A few years ago my journey departed from music and I graduated from university as an economist, specialising in advertisement and marketing. I never stopped dreaming about discovering new cultures and living in different countries. After meeting my husband we had an ambitious dream: living in Germany.

So here I am now, in the cloudy city of Hamburg, living my childhood dream, learning continuously about our beautiful world, experiencing new cultures without ever stopping to challenge the unknown.


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